Tips on how to use your mahjong tiles

Playing games is a good recreational activity that will free you from the stress that you can get from school and work. There are a lot of games that you can choose from. You can try indoor and outdoor games with your friends. However, trying indoor games is the best option because you will be able to relax and enjoy in the comfort of your own house. Mahjong is a good game that you can try at home. It is one of the most popular board games in China and many people around the world find it very interesting because of its unique game rules.

In order to win in mahjong, you need to know how to properly use your mahjong tiles. The phrase “playing the hand you’ve been dealt” is very applicable when you are playing mahjong. Chance is the most important element that you need to use when playing mahjong. You need to know when and how you can maximize the mahjong tiles you have gotten for you to get the highest points. Being skilled in mahjong cannot happen overnight. You need a lot of practice and experience in order to increase your chances of winning.

The most vital thing that you should properly use is your mahjong tiles. Generally, your tiles will make you win because picking good mahjong tiles will help you to get combinations that can give higher scores. Below is the list of the tips that you must keep in mind when you get your tiles.

1. Do not separate your tiles.

Forming a mahjong can really be easier if you group your tiles according to their type. However, this action can become a disadvantage to you because this will allow your opponent to see if you are close to forming a hand. If your opponent notices this, then he or she will choose to form a hand first and do appropriate means to counter your strategy. So it is really a must that you not separate your tiles in order to prevent your opponent to notice that you are close to winning the game.

2. Always count your mahjong tiles.

Counting your tiles is something that you should do for a number of times while you are playing mahjong. If ever you form a hand and forget to pick another tile, then you will surely lose because losing even a single tile will not make you win. Also, do not pick more than one tile after forming a hand because having an excess tile will also prevent you from winning the game.

3. Hang on to your flower tiles.

Getting flower tiles during the game can be a great opportunity for you in the end of the game. So you should not pass flowers during Charleston. Flower tiles are essential in forming a hand so make sure to keep them.

Indeed, mahjong is great game to play with your family and friends. You will be free from stress while enjoying your time with your loved ones. So try playing mahjong now and you will surely love this game!

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